MUX Protocol offers the first decentralized perpetual trading aggregator; it provides traders with deep aggregated liquidity, optimized trading cost, up to 100x leverage, diverse market options and unique aggregator features like smart position routing, aggregated position, leverage boosting and liquidation price optimization.

The MUX Perpetual Aggregator has integrated with leading perps liquidity sources like MUXLP pool, MUX-DegenLP pool, GMX (V1+V2), gTrade and will continue to integrate with more protocols.

Key components in the MUX Protocol Suite:

  • MUX Perpetual Aggregator - A decentralized sub-protocol in the MUX protocol suite that automatically selects the most suitable liquidity route and minimizes the composite cost for traders while meeting the needs of opening positions. The aggregator can also supply additional margins for traders to optimize liquidation prices and raise the leverage to 100x on aggregated underlying protocols.

  • MUX Native Trading Protocol - A decentralized perpetual trading protocol that offers zero price impact trading, up to 100x leverage, no counterparty risks for traders and an optimized on-chain trading experience. Traders will trade against the MUX native pool (MUXLP pool) on the MUX Native Trading Protocol.

  • MUX Degen Protocol - A decentralized perpetual trading protocol tailored for enhancing long-tail assets trading experience. Traders will trade against the MUX DegenLP pool on the MUX Degen Protocol.

The MUX protocol suite will expand as the dev contributors continuously develops new features and integrations to meet traders' needs.

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