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Under the circumstance when the reserved tokens are insufficient on a network, some of taders’ profits might be settled in muxTokens. There are 6 types of muxTokens: muxETH, muxBTC, muxBNB, muxAVAX, muxFTM and muxUSD.
After receiving muxTokens, related cards will appear on the “Redeem” page. Users can redeem muxTokens into related tokens on a different network that has sufficient reserves, or wait for the reserves on current network to refill and then redeem.
Step 1: Click the “Redeem muxToken” button to open the redemption dialog.
Except for muxUSD, all muxTokens only match with one type of token, like muxETH and ETH, muxBTC and BTC; muxUSD can be redeemed into users’ preferred stablecoin.
Step 2: Select the type of token you want to redeem your muxTokens into. This step only applies to muxUSD redemption.
Step 3: Select the network you want to redeem the muxTokens on.
Step 4: Click the “Redeem” button to show your wallet, then confirm the action. If you redeem a type of muxToken for the first time, you need to approve the action.