Online Issues

Here are some common errors you might encounter when using MUX. When the error details are one of the listed below, please follow the instructions on how to resolve these issues.

If the following scenarios don’t cover your error details, please go to MUX Discord to open a ticket and report the issue. MUX community contributors will help to address the problems as soon as they can.

Internal JSON-RPC error

When your transactions fail to process due to the “Internal JSON-RPC error, the RPC used in your wallet is causing the issue.

To address the issue, using Arbitrum as an example, you can go to Wallet Settings > Networks > Arbitrum > Change “New RPC URL.”

You can use as a reference and try different listed RPC URLs until your transaction can be processed.

If you trade on DEXes frequently, it’s recommended to use high-performance RPC from or for a stabler experience.


When the error details is empty, it’s usually indicating RPC issue as well. Please follow the Internal JSON-RPC error fix on how to address this issue.

Max fee per gas less than block base fee

This issue is caused by the gas fee limit you set in the wallet being too low. Please try to increase the gas limit and try the transaction again.

Insufficient {symbol} balance, unable to pay gas

This error means you currently have insufficient gas in your wallet to process any transactions. Please transfer more gas tokens (like $ETH on Arbitrum) to your address and then proceed with the transaction.

gains pre check failed, enough liquidity for xxx amount, available liquidity xxx

This error means Gains liquidity becomes insufficient to support your position after placing the order. Please try lowering the position size and then open the position again.

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