veMUX holders and MUXLP stakers can earn protocol income and MUX rewards.

Native Protocol Income Allocation

The native protocol income collected from trading fees will be allocated as follows:
Total Protocol Income × (70% × POR + 15%): Allocate for veMUX holders (in ETH)
Total Protocol Income × 70% × (1 - POR): Allocate for MUXLP stakers (in ETH)
Total Protocol Income × 15%: Purchase MUXLP and add as protocol-owned liquidity

Integrated Protocol Referral Rebates Allocation

100% of the referral rebates MUX Aggregator earns from integrated protocols will be allocated to veMUX holders.

MUX Rewards Allocation

1,000 MUX will be distributed to veMUX holders and MUXLP stakers daily, allocated as follows:
1000 × (1-veRate) × (1-POR): Allocate for MUXLP stakers
  • veRate is the MCB and MUX staking ratio
  • veRate = veMUX Total Supply / (MCB Circulating Supply + MUX Circulating Supply)
The rest will be allocated for veMUX holders

Income & Rewards Distribution Time

Weekly rewards (ETH and MUX) for veMUX are distributed at the end of every epoch. Therefore, you can see and claim all rewards from the previous epoch on Thursdays UTC.
ETH rewards for MUXLP staking are gradually distributed after your first epoch. MUX rewards for MUXLP staking are gradually distributed after you start staking.
Epochs start and end weekly on Thursdays UTC.