MUX is a decentralized leveraged trading protocol allowing zero price impact trading, up to 100x leverage, no counterparty risks for traders and an optimized on-chain trading experience. In addition, MUX is the first multi-chain native protocol unifying pooled liquidity across deployed chains to maximize capital efficiency.
Traders can use MUX to:
  • Open up to 100x leveraged positions with zero price impact
  • Use multiple types of assets as collateral
  • Trade with low fees
Liquidity providers can use MUX to:
  • Supply liquidity and obtain MUXLP tokens
  • Stake MUXLP to earn protocol income (protocol fees and third-party DEX mining yield) and MUX token rewards
MUX dynamically allocates liquidity for margin trading and third-party DEX mining; please check Liquidity Multiplexing for more details. For income and rewards allocation, please check Incentives.
Community members can use MUX to:
  • Lock MCB to receive veMUX
  • Hold veMUX to earn protocol income and MUX token rewards.
MUX protocol is currently deployed on Arbitrum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Fantom and will expand to more networks in the future.
Last modified 2mo ago
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